Thursday, January 19, 2012

IBOOK 2: Apple’s new offering!

First I thought talking about SOPA but it seems to be so stale with every site and newspaper talking about it, so I found why not talk about something creative and inventive; Why not talk about IBOOK 2.

Don’t get confused guys; it is not an Apple notebook but a very wonderful offering by Apple’s software market. IBOOK2 is a software program which can be accessed by the course makers to upload their courses into it in a very rich format. All these courses and various books will be accessible to the IPAD users who want to do much more with their tablets; who want to make their tablet a book! The authors of courses and books can create great multimedia contents which will have full touch response capabilities. The courses prepared in such fashion will definitely be very helpful for the users who want to learn through their pad.

IBOOK 2 has an authoring interface called IBOOKS Author to create the courses.

Wait for more to come in the IBOOK 2 domain. 
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